Wingsuit BASE compilation 2018

Wingsuit BASE Compilation

In 2018 I did quite a few wingsuit BASE trips and managed to discover a lot of new exits. Some of them I opened, some I just jumped for the first time. This compilation doesn’t contain all my jumps from 2018 obviously, but rather a collection of the most beautiful ones. I called it “Dreaming 2018”. On the one hand, because some of the the jumps were in a surreal scenery. And on the other hand, because that moment, when you start flying, you just you enter a dream like state of peace of mind and unity with your surroundings. Most of the jumps I hiked up all the way, so it was mostly CO2 neutral :D. And of course it’s more fun, if you have to earn it!

With this video I tried to transport some of the feelings I connect with the sport through music and visuals. So please watch it with sound turned on, since it’s part of the experience!

Previous Compilations

If you haven’t seen my last compilations, also have a look at at the BASE & Highline Compilation and the Wingsuit Sampler from 2016. Or any of the other videos already up on my page!


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