BASE and Highline Compilation

For the first time, I decided to make a compilation of my best highlining and base jumping clips and tried to condense it into a rather short video. So this is supposed to serve the YouTube generation with a lot of action and not much story telling 😉

I started BASE jumping in 2015 and wingsuiting in 2016, so all of the BASE jumping material is from the last three years. In this video you can see jump footage from ten different countries: Albania, Bosnia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Some of the jumps I opened myself others are rather well known (the ones in Italy for example). All jump and landing footage, except for one bridge jump in Montenegro, is from cliffs/earth (so the E of BASE).

The slackline footage is from

  • 2014 in Brazil: Morro do Cantagalo free solo in Rio de Janeiro
  • 2014 in the USA: Taft Point free solo in the Yosemite national park
  • 2015 in the USA: Lost Arrow Spire highline in the Yosemite national park
  • 2017 in Spain: balloon highline in Catalunya

My editing software and my laptop aren’t the best, so I’m actually quite happy with the result. Also big thanks to Smiley Photography for the drone footage in India! Enjoy with loud music and the subwoofer turned on!

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