Wingsuit jump from Watzmann Hocheck

Wingsuit jump from the Watzmann east face

The mountain Watzmann is steeped in legend and lies in the heart of the Berchtesgadener Alps. It’s the third highest mountain of Germany and the highest entirely within the borders of Germany. And it’s east face is famous for being the highest wall of the eastern Alps. Without a doubt, it has been on my mind for quite some time to jump from the top of Watzmann. But first, the so called little Watzmann caught my attention with its steep west face. After a little bit of research, however, I found out about the vertical drop to the south at the “Watzmannkinder” (= Watzmann children). So in 2018, I jumped for the first time from the Watzmannkinder and flew towards the Königssee and landed at the church St. Bartholomä (you can see part of the jump in my Wingsuit BASE compilation 2018 at minute 2:45). Back then, I needed two attempts for the jump, because the first time I got stuck inside the clouds. The jump was really beautiful, but I thought it would be great, if there was a possibility to find a jump at the top of Watzmann. So I did some more research.

Exit point at the Watzmann main peak?

Watzmann wingsuit BASE Jump

Once I found this picture here, I was motivated to go scout an exit at the top. I knew that just after the main peak, there could be a spot were it could be steep enough to jump off with my wingsuit. So I started hiking from Schönau, taking my laser, wingsuit and parachute with me. But much sooner than the forecast predicted, the first clouds appeared on the sky. So I tried to hurry up and get to the top as soon as possible. I eventually reached the main peak, but I was feeling rather tired already. It didn’t take long and I was able to find the presumable exit point. But when I lasered it, I realized, that it would be a rather short and challenging start. After weighing my options for a while, I decided not to jump, since neither my fitness nor the weather was speaking in favor of jumping.

Through the clouds from the Hocheck

Wingsuit BASE jump Watzmann Hocheck
View from the exit with the “little Watzmann” in the back

So I started hiking down again, but also with the idea in mind of checking out the cliffs to the north of the Hocheck. After finding the right ledge to walk down, I eventually found a spot, where the wall below was high enough for a jump. While I was still measuring the height with my laser, the clouds closed up below me and I couldn’t see the ground anymore. I started preparing my self for the jump anyways, hoping for another chance later on. It was the first time on this day, that the clouds moved in, so I was optimistic that there would be a hole in the clouds again sooner or later. The next hole arrived, but I wasn’t quite finished gearing up yet. When I was finally ready to jump, I could see the ground shimmering through again and it was go time!

Clouds at wingsuit exit Hocheck
Exit point in the clouds

Take off right into the clouds! The flight itself turned out to be much better than expected. My initial plan was to fly towards the Königssee, so I had never put much thought on a flight in the other direction. So I was pleasantly surprised, when I found a bit of terrain and trees to play with!

Video: Wingsuit jump Watzmann Hocheck

There is also a video of the jump, this time with some more commentary on the whole project. I wanted to try to document, how it looks like when I am on a scouting mission for a new exit point. If this is interesting to you, let me know, then I’ll make more videos like this in the future! The video is in German, but there are English subtitles!

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