Show Events and Stunts

I can offer my BASE jumping and highlining expertise for show events and stunts. Together we can discuss and plan possibilities and the feasibility of your individual ideas. Whether a television show, a festival or a commercial, I’d be happy to talk with you.

Invited Talks

Whether it is risk management in extreme sports or a motivational talk on pursuing your passion, we can find a topic that could suit your event. When confronted with death, one can learn about his real profession. I have breathtaking pictures and videos to accompany my talk, while I share my thoughts, which transcend the topic of sports and will leave the audience mesmerized.

In the past, I have been invited to the 13th DocNet Symposium of the St. Gallen University and by CSI to talk about risk management in extreme sports.


Of course, I’m also happy to share my knowledge through workshops as well. I’m an experienced university sports teacher and enjoy sharing my skills with students. A slackline workshop can also be a great interactive component after an invited talk.